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WATER,  an abiotic component for sustainability of all forms of life on earth. It is used in a number of anthropogenic activities like agriculture and industries. As we all know there is a scarcity of potable water in the developing world therefore it is very important to afford the cost effective local technology for purification of water. In order to treat water and make it fit for potable use by using ex-situ and in-situ methods. Some of the methods worth mentioning are membrane filtration, slow sand filtration, solar distillation, activated charcoal filters, sand filtration etc. It is imperative that we must develop cost effective innovative technology for producing potable water. Such low cost sustainable technology will meet out challenges of water demand in urban, peri-urban areas and also provide an impetus to purification process. As we know that in many parts of the world human growth is rapid and there is a limited regulatory framework which poses a major challenge to supply quality water or treated water. Therefore, there is a necessity of sustainable low cost technology to produce potable water. In view of above, the department of BSH PSITCOE is organizing one week faculty development programme to enable and explore the faculty members to learn the tricks and trade and have an open discussion with the invited learned professors/scientist/experts working in this field in various institutions of national importance who have contributed in a big way in their field.

FDP Highlights

Sustainable water use
Developing green solutions for water supply
Green treatment solutions Vs conventional treatment
Water quality and change in quality
Validation process for water treatment


Name Designation Affiliating institute Expertise
Dr V K Srviatava Scientist H+ IIT Mumbai Water treatment
Dr Diploy Datta Ass Professor MNIT Jaipur Water supply and treatment
Mr Sripad Khatav Managing Director SS Techno Pvt Ltd Waste water treatment
Dr Jitendra Kumar Ass Professor JKTU Jaipur Water treatment technologies
Dr Madhu Agarwal Associate Professor MNIT Jaipur Water treatment
Mr Sri ram Kulkarni Director Technochem Industries Mumbai Waste water and water treatment
Mr A K Gupta EX CE UP Jal Nigam Lucknow Water supply and treatment
Dr Sunil Dhole Director E spin nanotech pvt ltd mumbai Water purification
MR R N Goel General Manger Technical UP Jal Nigam Lucknow Water supply urban and rural
Dr P K Dutta Professor HAG MMBIT Allahabad Prayagraj Waste water and water chemistry
Dr Seema Paroha Professor- Biochemistry NSI Kanpur Waste water treatment
Mr R M Tripathi Ex CE UP Jal Nigam Lucknow water supply and water quality
Mr Pranshu Pal Environemental Engineer Environcrat consultancy services kanpur Water and related technologies
Dr Soumitra Kar Scientist F and Group Leader BARC,Mumbai Water desalination and water technology

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    Excellent FDP on water – treatment and technology


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