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  • College Code : 088
  • College Website : https://www.apeejay.edu/architecture/
  • College Name: Apeejay Institute of Technology, School of Architecture and Planning, Greater Noida
  • College Address : 1, Institutional Area,Knowledge Park-I, Surajpur Kasna Road Greater NOIDA, U.P. 201308

FDP Highlights

DAY 1:
KEYNOTE SPEECH: ‘Bauhaus Grammar’ by Dr. Vandana Sehgal
TECHNICAL SESSION 1: What is Outcome Based Education by Dr. Ranjana Mittal
TECHNICAL SESSION II: An Empowering process for Architecture Education by Dr. Abraham George
TECHNICAL SESSION III :1. Experiments in Teaching-learning Penetrations: from Studio to Study by Prof. Sonia Gupta
2. Architecture Education Challenges and Opportunities for Academia and Practice by Prof. Vivek Sabharwal
3. Delineating the Relation between Outcome Based Education and Learning Outcomes by Dr. Bipasha Kumar and Ar.Kanika Verma
TECHNICAL SESSION IV: Architectural Curriculum and Changing Needs of the Profession by Dr. Yogesh Garg
TECHNICAL SESSION V : 1. Premise, Process and Program by Prof. Prasanna Desai
2. An Approach Towards Total Quality in Architectural Education in India by Dr. Amit Hajela
TECHNICAL SESSION VI : Architectural Education: An Empathy Based Approach by Dr. Gaurav Raheja
TECHNICAL SESSION VII : 1. Architecture is a dynamic discipline by Dr. S.M. Akhtar
2. Placiality in Architecture Education by Prof. Tapan Chakravarty
TECHNICAL SESSION VIII: Measurability of Qualitative Aspects of Architecture Education by Dr. Subhrajit Banerjee
TECHNICAL SESSION I: 1. Assessment based conceptualization & restructuring of course for OBE by Prof. Anand Khatri and Dr.Manish Chalana
2. Global education development agenda and architectural research by Dr. Sanjukkta Bhaduri


Name Designation Affiliating institute Expertise
Dr. Vandana Sehgal Professor and Dean FoA, AKTU,Lucknow Theoretical aspects of architecture, cultural theory, pedagogy and practical design issues.
Prof. Prasanna Desai Professor and Director PVP College of Architecture and Principal Architect PDA, Pune Urban design issues emphasising the role of an architect in the Public Domain
Dr. Gaurav Raheja Professor Deptt of Architecture & Planning, IIT Roorkee Universal design, accessibility and social inclusion
Dr. Ranjana Mittal Professor and Head Deptt of Architecture, SPA New Delhi Teaching architectural design, history of architecture and theory of design
Dr. Abraham George Professor and Head Dept. of Architecture and Regional Planning, IIT Kharagpur Development of symbolic tools for communication in Architecture
Prof. Sonia Gupta Professor & Principal Amity School of Architecture and Planning, Amity University, Kolkata Housing issues, rain water harvesting and sanitation for the urban poor.
Dr. Yogesh Garg Professor Deptt of Arcitecture and Planning, MANIT Bhopal Computer applications in housing studies and architecture
Dr. Amit Hajela Professor & Director, College of Architecture, Vastu Kala Academy, Delhi Urban Design, Campus Design and Planning, Institutional Buildings for Higher Education
Dr. S.M. Akhtar Professor & Founder Dean Faculty of Architecture & Ekistics, JMI Delhi Architecture, Town Planning, Social Sciences and Environment.
Ar. Tapan Chakravarty Senior Professor Pearl Academy, New Delhi Vernacular Architecture & Traditional Settlements
Dr. Subhrajit Banerjee Associate Professor and Associate Dean PGSR, AKTU Lucknow High Rise and Tall Building Design; Building Regulations, Norms and Statutes; City, Town and Regional Planning; Urban Infrastructure Planning and Design; Urban Governance and Policy Formulation; Urban Management; Social Planning and Urban Demographics.
Dr. Sanjukkta Bhaduri Professor and Dean Research SPA Delhi Urban Planning and Environmental Planning, Sustainability, inclusivity and resilience
Prof. Vivek Sabharwal Professor & Director Apeejay School of architecture and Planning. Greater Noida Organic Architceture
Dr. Bipasha Kumar Professor Apeejay School of architecture and Planning. Greater Noida Urban Risk, Transformation of Urban Villages, Impact of Built Environment, Architectural Pedagogy and Teaching issues in Architecture Education
Prof. Anand Khatri Professor Apeejay School of architecture and Planning. Greater Noida Architectural conservation
Ar.Kanika Verma Assistant. Professor Apeejay School of architecture and Planning. Greater Noida Sustainable Architecture.
Dr. Manish Chalana Associate Professor College of Built Environment, University of Washington Urban planning, urban design, historic preservation

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