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MATLAB   (matrix   laboratory)   is   a multi-paradigm numerical computing environment and proprietary programming language   developed   by Math Works.  MATLAB allows   matrix manipulations,  plotting  of  functions  and  data,  implementation  of algorithms,   creation   of   user   interfaces  and   interfacing   with programs  written  in  other  languages,  including  C,  C++,  C#,  Java, Fortran and Python.

Although MATLAB is intended primarily for numerical computing, an optional toolbox uses the MuPAD symbolic engine, allowing access   to symbolic computing abilities.  An additional package, Simulink, adds graphical multi-domain simulation and model-based design for dynamic and embedded systems.

The   technical   program   will   include   state-of-the-art lectures,   hands-on    lab    sessions,    tool    demonstrations and discussion/presentation sessions.


MATLAB Introduction and Vector Operations, Variables and Matrix Operations.

Conditional Branching, Iterations and Loops Scripts Functions.

2D, 3D Graphs and Advanced Plotting Commands.

Simulink Toolboxes and MATLAB Applications in field of Control System, Power Electronics, Power System.

Image Processing, Signal processing Toolbox and Implementation of Face and Eye Detection Techniques.

Introduction to Neural Network and its toolbox.

Introduction to Fuzzy Logic and its toolbox.

Introduction to Genetic Algorithm and its toolbox.

Numerical Optimization Techniques and Artificial Intelligence.


FDP Highlights

1. Computer aided monitoring & dispatching system, Key Drivers to Technological Changes in the Electricity Sector, Reasons why Deregulation is appealing, Transformation, Electricity Restructuring around the World, Capacity payments, Responsibilities and functions of ISO.
Models of Indian Power Sectors, Trading in Power Pool, Structure with bilateral/multilateral Trades, California Deregulation Process, New Electricity Trading Arrangement (NETA) in UK, England & Wales Electricity Market

2.Introduction of Power system structure, Commercial reasons for restructuring, Indian power scenario, HVDC Transmission lines in India, Renewable energy resources, National Load Despatch Centre(NLDC), Regional Load Despatch Centre(RLDC), Smart microgrid system

3.Introduction of MATLAB, Basics of MATLAB, Toolboxes, Windows of MATLAB, Commonly used Commands in MATLAB, Special Functions, MATLAB as a Calculator, MATLAB Programming, MATLAB Graphics

4.Signal Analysis using MATLAB, Signals & Systems, Systems Behavior, Fourier Analysis of Signals, DRICHLETS’ conditions, Representation in Fourier Series, Fourier Spectra, GIBB’S Phenomenon

5.Applications of Artificial Intelligence Computational Techniques in Smart Grids, Distribution Generations Planning, Type of DGs, Mathematical Problem Formulations, Impact of DGs & FACTS Controllers, Methods for DGs Planning, Optimization methods, Future Scope of Research Work

6.Introduction to MATLAB, Components of MATLAB, Matrix Operations, Simulink, Simulink- libraries, Application of simulation results in research paper writing, Electric Power Quality, Electrical Transient, Harmonics, Filters, Multilevel Power Converters, Modulation Techniques

7.Solar photo-voltaic system, Installed power status in India, JN National Solar mission, Issues related to solar cell efficiency, PV cell, Tracking methods, Issues in tracking methods, PSC and water flow analogy, Mismatch losses, Performance indices, Simulink model of a PV cell, Puzzle Pattern based Reconfigured PV Array

8.Introduction of ANN, Training of ANN, ANN parameters, Nature inspired global optimization methods, Levenberg-Marquardt (LM) Training Algorithm, Introduction to forecasting, Commonly used forecasting models, Classification of ELF models

9.Transient Simulations in Simulink, Construction of Simulink Models, Constructing the Closed-Loop Model, Buck Converter Subsystem, PWM Subsystem, A/D Converter Model, Discrete-time Integral Compensator, Digital PWM

10.Introduction to Power system, Evolution of Power Systems, Optimization techniques used in Power system, Power system stability, Traditional Power system, Deregulated Power system

11.Image Processing Using Matlab, MATLAB Basics, Launch Pad, Objects in MATLAB, Images and Matrices, Flow Control, Images in Matlab, Digital Image Representation, Pixel Notation, Image Processing Toolbox, Data Classes, Performance Issues, Histogram Equalization, Morphological Opening

12.MATLab Programming, M-files, MATLAB Script Files, Matlab editor, Conditional Statements, Switch-case Selection, Evolution of Power Systems, Power Flow, choice of Frequency, Nonlinear Function Optimization, Constrained Parameter Optimization


Name Designation Affiliating institute Expertise
Dr.K.S.Verma Professor KNIT, SULTANPUR Power Systems, Flexible AC Transmission Systems, Planning and Operation of Distributed Generation, Modeling & Simulation of Power Systems, Power Quality
Dr.R.P.Payasi Professor KNIT, SULTANPUR Distribution System Analysis, Distributed Generation Planning, AI Applications in Power Systems.
Dr.Saurabh Mani Tripathi Assistant Professor KNIT, SULTANPUR Grid-integrated PMSG-based Wind Energy Conversion System
Dr.Bindeshwar Singh Assistant Professor KNIT, SULTANPUR Artificial Intelligence Computational Techniques in Smart Grids, Distribution Generations Planning
Dr.Surya Prakash Singh Associate Professor REC, AMBEDKARNAGAR Power Quality
Dr.Y.K.Chauhan Associate Professor KNIT, SULTANPUR Power System,Renewable Energy,Solar System
Dr.Navneet Kr Singh Assistant Professor MNNIT, ALLAHABAD Neural Network
Dr.R.K.Singh Professor MNNIT, ALLAHABAD Electric Drive
Dr.S.N.SINGH Vice Chancellor MMMUT, GORAKHPUR Basic Electrical Engineering, Power System,Operation Control
Dr.Harsh Vikram Singh Associate Professor KNIT, SULTANPUR Image Processing
Dr.Deependra Singh Professor KNIT, SULTANPUR Power Electronics

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