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  • College Name: Rajkiya Engineering College Sonbhadra
  • College Address : Rajkiya Engineering College, Churk, Sonbhadra, Uttar Pradesh - 231206

FDP Highlights

Development of advanced control strategies for complex, uncertain and non-linear systems become
a central activity in all disciplines of engineering and science. The aim of this FDP is to create a
platform for all the researchers to expose their novel ideas on design of advanced control techniques
to manage complex systems effectively. The design procedures of various advanced control
techniques for different applications will be presented and demonstrated in this FDP, which enables
the attendants to gain better insights of real time control problems. The Scope of the FDP is broad
and not limited to below areas only as, Industrial automation, Fuzzy logic controllers, Model
reference adaptive control, Sliding mode control, Model order reduction, Model predictive control,
Neural network controller, Fractional order optimal control problems etc.


Name Designation Affiliating institute Expertise
Prof. Siddhartha Sen Professor IIT Kharagpur Process Automation and control- scopes and challenges
Prof. V. Sankaranarayanan Professor NIT Trichy Sliding mode control
Prof. Shubhi Purwar Professor MNNIT Prayagraj Nonlinear systems and control
Prof. Arunima Verma Professor IET Lucknow Application of fuzzy logic and neural network in speed controller design of VFDs
Prof. Prerna Gaur Professor NSUT New Delhi AI based Motion Control
Prof. V. Sudarshan Kumar Professor DTU New Delhi Advanced Controllers for IFAC Benchmarked Systems
Prof. G. Saraswathi Professor JNTUK Vizianagaram Model order reduction techniques
Prof. A Sudhakar Professor MLRIT Hyderabad Soft computing techniques in Engineering Applications
Dr. Lalit Chandra Saikia Associate Professor NIT Silchar Hybrid AC/DC Coupled Microgrid and its control, Microgrid and Virtual Power Plant: Opportunities & Key Issues
Dr. O. Hema Kesavulu Associate Professor AITS Rajampet Active Damping Controllers for Resonance Damping in Grid Connected MLI
Dr. Raj Kumar Biswas Assistant Professor NIT Silchar Fractional Derivative and its Applications
Dr. Awadhesh Kumar Assistant Professor MMMUT Gorakhpur Concepts, Approaches and Key Challenges in Approximation

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